Do Yoga Every Day of January! Days 16-20

16. Tuesday 16 January. Funnily enough, I did feel like running last night after classes! Since I was downtown and Ella was off having fun with her best bud and provider of treats, I decided to run around the waterfront – which I haven’t done in over a year (right before I broke my foot at the end of 2016). Back then I was pretty happily doing 6.5-7kms cold as a starting point so I thought I’d see how far I could go this time with the hill running. And I learned a few things:

  1. I can go seemingly forever on the flat! I ran 11kms and didn’t get out of breath once. I considered carrying on further, but it was after 3 hours of dancing and my feet were tired, and it was getting dark and I still had to walk the uphill home!
  2. Running on concrete is HARD, I don’t like it.
  3. Running on the flat is REALLY BORING. I never thought I would miss hills! Hills suck! Turns out the flat sucks more.
  4. I have started to intuitively do yoga poses to stretch specific muscles – it’s cool to know what will help specific things and just let my body go there without thinking and stretch it out!

North from the lagoon, 16 Jan 2018


Back toward the windmill from Oriental Bay, 16 Jan 2018

Anyway! Today I had a bunch of work stuff to do and super sore feet (running on concrete is horrible and my running shoes are not long for this world) so I mostly focused on teaching, but with planning, classes, a private lesson and an extra hour’s practice I did a lot of dancing. I did True Day 14 – Listen, which was suuuuuper chill and yea kinda nice. It was too bloody hot, mostly, so after leaping around all evening it was good to just have some quiet sitting and stretching. I’m not always great at stopping. I also made some more attempts at Doga.


I really feel like she’s not taking this seriously


Yea she hates me.


Pap snap – my extended triangle pose is getting flexy!

17. Wednesday 17 January. Blerrrrrrgh I did not have a good night – sore hands and arms, sore shoulder, sore sore sore – I’ve got blood blisters under my toenails from running and tap, it’s way too hot, I woke up with a super cricked neck from sleeping with my arm hanging off the bed again because the shoulder pain kept waking me – ugh! Ella clearly felt the same way, she refused to get up for two hours after I did, ate her breakfast, then immediately went back to bed.


Puppy says no

Awesomely though, my friend was willing to head in to help out with admin stuff (I have a giant list, as always) so I did Day 15 – Believe before heading in to town to meet her. Today’s video was funny, it was only 18 minutes and seemed really simple and familiar while I was doing it, I was like “Oh this is an easy one!” and then afterward my muscles were all shaky haha. Those balances are a little harder than you think they are! Got heaps done on my list, and went and made the decision to spend some of my first pay of the year on a couple of pairs of running shoes (secondhand Nikes from Recycle Boutique, woop! So comfy!) and a bum bag because a) it’s easier to run with simpler access to my phone than my armband and b) they are the coolest thing ever and I feel like now is their fashion moment.

IMG_9097 2

This is not the one I bought but I kinda regret that decision

Blues class was lovely, and everyone stuck around for social dancing afterward! Me and the bae went to KK Malaysian, walked home (hot + full of curry + uphilllllll = no good) and then just before we went to bed I got snapped, apparently this is what happens if you’ve been doing yoga too much?


Just chillin’, comfy and stuff with my happy curry belly

18. Thursday 18 January. Nuuu shuuuuuuez were super exciting so I took ’em out for a spin! THEY ARE SO COMFY AND AWESOME! YAY! Did the usual 4k loop. I downloaded the Map My Run app but I keep forgetting to turn it on until halfway through. So I felt really confident after realising that the flat run was so much easier with all the hill running, and it was nice to have my confidence confirmed – yep, I only really count one of the hills as a hill now! Must be time to amp it up.


18 Jan 2018


This has appeared at the end of my run – cute!

Gotta say I did a bit of a freak out when I got back and saw that True Day 16 – Self Love is 41 minutes long, it just seemed excessively long for self love! But I appreciated the time, and care, and it felt a lot quicker than it was. So many twists! Twists are the BEST, especially with how sore everything has been feeling. I am so terrible at half moon, but it’s my new mission. I’m finding not being able to do chaturanga quite frustrating, because it was such an accomplishment – I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not going backwards, I’m looking after an injury. Still, grrrrrr. Went out in the evening to a Star Trek quiz at Photonflux, and our team (mostly thanks to my super knowledgeable partner, and zero thanks to me) got second! Ella had a lot of fans, and was super into the actor playing Captain Kirk – until he changed out of costume, and suddenly she couldn’t care less. Hilarious! She knows what she wants, and it’s nothing less than apple slices, pats, and men in uniform. She also immediately tried to eat the Tribble we won.


Ella gives no fucks

19. Friday 19 January. Ella was throwing a sulk in the morning so off running we went immediately. I decided to add an extra km to the loop by heading down to the Zealandia entrance first and then up – it’s another kilometre of hills at the front end of the run. And honestly, it was a shitshow! I’ve been listening to Nancy as I run since I finished Crimetown, and it keeps making me laugh out loud or start to cry as I run and walk around. It’s incredible, I can’t overstate it, listen to this podcast. Well, as I started my run with all the new exciting hills, the new episode began – all about the Pulse shootings in Orlando. So I basically sobbed my way up 2km of hills, out loud, with no one around. It was surprisingly cathartic. On my way back down from the gun emplacements my hair escaped by snapping the hair tie of my newly achieved man-bun (such proud, so wow, very masc) and flopped all over my face, and then I got incredibly violent hiccups all the way home. Ha! Kind of hilarious really.





No amount of man bun can contain this

The run itself felt good though! New loop 🙂


19 Jan 2018

True Day 17 – Charisma was cool aside from the chaturanga frustration. I also realised how weak my right knee is, I find bow pose super tricky just because I can’t really push back with my right foot without pain. I am hoping that it’s something I can strengthen. I went back to the physio and I’m doing well, but my pain scale is completely out of whack – I’m  rating it low, still doing yoga, improving my range of motion with the exercises etc, but even with painkillers it’s keeping me awake/waking me up at night so she’s going to send me for a scan to check I haven’t done something more major internally. The funniest thing was we started looking at some simple push up stuff to strengthen it, and I mentioned the discomfort I get when my tendons pop over the bones in my elbows at 90 degrees (because I’ve always assumed that everyone’s do that, and everyone just sucks it up and does push ups anyway….) and she was like… “WHAT?” and I showed her (she felt my arm as I did it) and she was like  “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT, NO, THAT IS NOT GOOD I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS!” and when I said “So I’m a mutant!” she laughed and confirmed. She said it might be an ulnar subluxation, and I did a little research and found it may also be something called Snapping Triceps so that is all fairly hilarious and I’m going to find out more. And try to figure out if there is any way to do press ups without it happening.


Actual picture of my triceps RN

Oh and I did my first comedy show since the festival in May! Maybe not back on the horse but… in the paddock? Drank the gin, hung out with the friends, had an awesome night.

20. Saturday 20 January. I have officially made it further than I did in the first 30 Day challenge. Yea! Two thirds! Still here! Feeling good! Despite the late night comedy show and shenanigans I had made dance practice plans for 8.30am so up I got and down I went! It was awesome. I miss just practicing and choreographing and putting the work in. I’ve decided to do The Honest 10 tomorrow morning (And maybe a hike/camp) in the evening so today is a day of food and naps rather than running. Aaaaaand YOGA! True Day 18 – Surrender begins with Adriene asking if we’re ok to work hard today and, TBH, yea! I am so excited by how much stronger I am. I can hold those planks no worries, I can do those side planks and not only hold them but do all the twists, I’m always choosing to go to full rather than half plank, and I don’t think I have ever, in my LIFE (even when I was a ballet dancer) laid my whole chest along my legs in seated forward fold. 20 days, mates! It’s a big commitment, but it’s not even that long. It’s pretty unbelievable that things change so fast.  Here’s to the next 10 (and 10k in the morning)!


What is this


Ella is not really that impressed soz


Ella Selfie

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