Do Yoga Every Day of January! Days 11-15

11. Thursday 11 January. Ahhhh Thursday, which is kind of my Saturday since it’s the first day in over a week with no crisis to manage or classes to teach! I flopped. I was wrecked. Last night was a really lovely end to the big week of drama and getting started – it poured with rain, I taught a lovely blues class, went for delicious Korean food with my partner, everything was good – until I got home and my abdominal pain ramped up for no real reason. I guess now is the point in the blog where I mention that I’m chronically ill? If you haven’t known me that long you can read the whole story (and some other stories) here. So that wasn’t great, and I woke up this morning still feeling like my lower torso was filled with broken glass, and my right shoulder just…. hurting. Just to make life easier, the delivery people who dropped off our new fridge managed to take it to our neighbour’s house instead of ours, so after a long period of trudging about in the pouring rain I eventually found the fridge sitting at their door – which is exactly halfway up their giant flight of concrete stairs. I did not attempt to move it. Ella did not attempt to move at all, preferably ever again, if the rain was going to keep happening. So we mostly chilled out on the couch, me doing some work and her pretending not to exist for the day. Later on I took her for a walk down to the shops and back just to get some exercise and fresh air (and dog food, which she tells me is important) when the rain stopped a little, but no run for us today!



I jumped on the mat for Day 9 of True – Open though, and that was pretty good. It just seemed pretty classic and simple and stretchy. Kinda nice to get to the point where I feel like a yoga workout is classic or routine – I don’t have to watch as much, just listen and focus on myself and how I extend and change my own movement. Yoga definitely helps with my pain levels in general, but it was evident by the end of today that my shoulder is not happy – it pops painfully when I lift it and aches down my bicep and lat. Will get it checked out tomorrow.

12. Friday 12 January. My shoulder just got worse overnight, my partner had a look and we found it was kinda lumpy and swollen on the front, and the most comfortable way for me to sleep was lying face down at the very edge of the bed so my arm could hang straight down off the side. Which was NOT VERY COMFORTABLE and I didn’t sleep very much. I headed in to see the physio, who thinks I’ve probably sprained my bicep at the top or something nearby. Got a few exercises to go with, and permission to do any yoga/exercises that don’t cause pain – sweet! So of course I immediately saw that my mate needed cover in his bar for the night and agreed to work until 2am. Ha! I went home, skipped the run again, but gave yoga a go with a few adjustments. True Day 10, Detox, was a nice little practice to do in the evening before heading back out to work. I skipped the chaturangas and chilled in child’s pose a lot, and adjusted the twists (super twisty day!) so as not to put pressure on my right shoulder.


North from my yoga mat, 12 Jan 2018

I’m realising I have a lot more comfort and ease in my body, at least while I’m actively on the mat practicing. All the belly breathing, awareness of where my movements come from, small conscious self corrections, and it’s so hot that I’m mostly just stripping to my underwear so I don’t sweat on everything… basically I’m hanging out with my tummy a lot. I see it hanging out when I go into downward dog or roll up to mountain, I feel it rest on my legs in low lunge and child’s pose, I push it out and pull it in and use it to twist around. I feel like I’m getting to know it as a person. I’ve always felt a bit weird about it, but I like this. Hey, tum.


Classic bathroom mirror selfie tum

My adjustments obviously stretched out my shoulder without aggravating it because I got through the night fine. I haven’t worked in a bar in at least 10 years, and having been actively avoiding people for at least the last two years I wasn’t sure how well my socially anxious introvert self would cope. But it was fine! I rediscovered why I loved it the first time around; I like being in bars and crowds when I have a clear job to do and a clear way to control my interactions (being busy, keeping moving, having expected script guidelines etc). Plus being way shorter than most people helps, because I can move through crowds and not make eye contact unless I actively want to. I danced to a lot of Queen, did mostly glassy stuff and had a great time so that was neat.


This is the only picture I took, over gin at 3am

13. Saturday 13 January. It was too hot to sleep in! So I didn’t! Hahahaha. Ahhhhh. I’m definitely not 18 anymore. But basically my day was taken up by stressing about playing a music gig that night. I haven’t done comedy since the festival in May, my band is on hiatus, and I have probably only played an original just-music set once in the last 4 or so years? Freaky. I felt weird about practicing because it was hot, I could hear my neighbours through the window and didn’t want them to hear me so I was all quiet and barely trying, felt like it could easily be a disaster…. and combined with that and some transcription work I’m chipping away at, I ran out of time a little… so I went for my run up my usual loop, and holy crap yea it’s getting noticeably easier. I’ve realised I used to count three big hills, and the last two times I’ve been like cool three big hills, each bigger than the last… and I count two, and wait for the third, but then I’ve already finished. I think my brain has stopped counting the first hill as a hill. Yesssss! Ella had her first chance to chase a rabbit off lead when she scared one out of a bush, and completely screwed it up. She couldn’t find the rabbit as it ran off right in front of her or even track the rabbit’s scent afterward, so she’s as formidable as ever.


North from the Polhill gun emplacements, 13 Jan 2018

When I got back though, I made the executive decision that I didn’t have time to do yoga without time stress about the gig. I made peace with it, and let it go for the day. And the gig was wonderful, so many beautiful friends came, I drank my first tequila and coke in a very long time as promised (it was horrible), hung out and chatted, listened to awesome music, and just… had the most lovely time. No ragrets!

14. Sunday 14 January. Since the pupperoo was still off having her sleepover, we decided to treat ourselves to a pancake breakfast at Americanos, an awesome jaunt around Moore Wilsons, and a Star Trek Scavenger hunt at the Sci Fi bar PhotonFlux (All in support of Summer Star Trek, which everyone in Wellington should go and see because it’s the best thing ever!). It was a pretty perfect Sunday with bae. I wish I had photos but I barely even touched my phone, which I like even better. In between adventures I headed out to the deck to do early evening yoga and catch up on Days 11 and 12 of True – Soften and Centre. How perfect after my little Ode to my Belly the other day! Soften was just that – slow, soft, sweet. Centre was a little trickier for me, mainly because of my scar tissue knee – I really struggle to maintain strength when I’m resting on that knee in a lunge and trying to move around it! It was cool to realise that, and start to focus harder on support from other places in my body – like my happy little tum. Doing the two videos back to back was nearly an hour of yoga but it didn’t feel like it at all. I didn’t run today, but walking the puppy home from town I ran up most of the hilly parts to test my hypothesis that I find running up hills easier than walking. It’s mostly true, but being full of dinner, wearing jeans and boots, and it being bloody hot didn’t help so I think this needs more testing! I feel tired and content though, this Sunday night. Started thinking that perhaps I should do a different challenge each month this year – Yoga January, February Album Writing Month, March… who knows? It’d be interesting to see what I can do in a year, a month at a time.

15. Monday 15 January. IT’S TOO HOT I HATE IT. But love it but hate it. It’s one of those days where you wake up feeling like you were up til 4am drinking moonshine but you weren’t (you were lying in bed reading before midnight) and now it’s Monday morning work time. I decided to do yoga before my brain could kick in and tell me it was a bad idea. True day 13 – Strength and Harmony sounds like an early 2000s R&B album. Adriene is a SNEAKY SNEAKER with those horrible side hip dips and surprise crunches, but hey, what was I saying about getting in touch with my tum? I’m beginning to realise that at some point I will need to do an actual class, with an actual teacher who can look at my form, but for now I feel like I’m making adjustments every time, slowly getting more conscious about how I line up and stack and extend. Once I was nice and sweaty I decided to push my luck and see if Ella would be as cool as this dog.


An attempt was made, treats were given



…she was mostly in it for the belly rubs

And I wandered down to work (I require a temperature drop of at least five degrees before I consider running – maybe tonight after classes). Had my follow up physio appointment and the verdict is that I’ve sprained a tendon at the top of my bicep and a tendon in my rotator cuff, but my exercises are helping and it’s no big deal just a bit uncomfortable so I’ll be spiky ball and foam rolling for a while! Thankfully yoga still feeling ok.

So! These past five days have been a bit more shambolic and less routine focused, but I’ve had a lot of fun. Halfway mark! It’s all downhill from here… (except for the running, that is definitely the opposite).

Days of Yoga so far in 2018: 14

Days missed: 1

Kms run or walked so far in 2018: 42

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