Do Yoga Every Day of January! Days 1-5

It’s 2018, and the only resolution I could really think of was “DO THE FUCKING YOGA”  and “RUN ON THE HILLS” so I am doing the fucking yoga and running on the hills. I’m also back on a vague training diet, but that’s a little more… lackadaisical. Thankfully there is an awesome group of other peeps in my friend circle also doing the fucking yoga this month – we’re moral supporting each other to do it every day of January. I’m gonna keep a running (lol) record here, but not every day – I think that would be tiresome. I’ll do five days at a time! So:

  1. Monday 1st January. Coincidentally I was up to Day 18 of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge as 2018 began, so I did that! I wrote about it (and Day 19) in my 30 Days of Yoga blog entry so head there to read about it if you’re interested. I also did a 3.5km out and back run on Highbury Fling.
  2. Tuesday 2nd January. I did Day 19, so check the link above for a rundown. I didn’t run, but did a 5km Zealandia fence walk/bush walk on the Karori side with a friend and my lovely little dog Ella, who also thinks she is my yoga coach.


  3. Wednesday 3rd January. For me and my New Zealand buddies, this was the day we could access Yoga with Adriene’s new New Year series True. Sticking to my running resolution, I decided to bite the bullet and run up the Zealandia fenceline track to the Polhill gun emplacements and back in a loop instead of doing the Highbury Fling both ways. Unlike the serene, bush sheltered gentle Highbury Fling track, the fenceline track is rocky, horrible, and rolls up and down like a roller coaster from the Zealandia entrance all the way up to the wind turbine. It’s also completely unshaded, so it’s hot as all heck up there! I made it though. Thunderstorms were forecast for that evening, and I sat on the hill by the gun emplacements with Ella and watched the lightning flash in the storm clouds across the harbour.

    North from the Polhill gun emplacements 3 Jan 2018

    We got back and I took my yoga mat out to the deck to start off True. Day 1, Motive, was lovely – from the great big hug it starts off with (which I really needed) to the slow, gentle focus on fluidity and core. I took my first pictures since day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge (since I was outside and there was still no sign of the thunderstorm coming closer!) and holy crap – even with the giant break over December, there’s noticeable improvement! My downward dog is longer and way more flexible in the shoulders! My chaturanga looks good! I can’t believe it.

    Yoga DDog2
    yoga chaturanga

    Coach Ella

    Coach Ella

  4. Thursday 4th January. I did the same 4km fenceline/gun emplacements/Highbury Fling loop run with Ella again, and it was way easier the second time. Who knew! Ran back as the rain started, and went straight to the mat for day 2 of True – Trust. Still really enjoying the slow, focused pace of this series so far! Felt super good after the run and the yoga, then life absolutely crashed my party with a horrible news phone call dumping a bucketload of stress on my head, and I had a full on panic attack. My partner is awesome, and immediately covered me in a blanket, put a cup of tea in one hand and a strong drink in the other, and watched documentaries with me until I could breathe again. Then I realised that what I really wanted to do to make myself feel better was… yoga. So I got out my mat, and gently did Yoga for Anxiety then put myself to bed. It helped. I’m super glad to know that at some lizard level I feel like yoga will help me, and it’s something I can turn to when I need it.
  5. Friday 5th January. After yesterday I woke up with the busiest saddest of brains, so decided to go for my run early instead of at night. And it was hot, and I was exhausted, and slow, but I got to the gun emplacements and decided to keep going anyway – all the way up to the wind turbine, and then back down around my usual route, 6kms of horrendous hills in all.

    South from the Wind Turbine

    I’ve decided to take a picture from the same spot every time I run there this year, to watch the weather change.


    North from Polhill gun emplacements 5 Jan 2018

    I got back drenched in sweat, but with a clearer head. Day 3 of True – Stretch was a nice way to come back to earth (literally) after such a full on run.

    How Ella feels after running with me

    I can feel my tummy starting to engage more intentionally with everything. The downpour that’s been threatening for days finally hit as I finished, and I headed in to work feeling calm in the rain.


There we are – the first 5 days of 2018, with yoga and hill running galore. I’m looking forward to the rest.

Days of Yoga so far in 2018: 5

Kms run or walked so far in 2018: 22.5


  1. I’m doing True as well, yay!

    Goal 1 for me is also “DO THE FUCKING YOGA” and goal 2 is “PUT SUNSCREEN ON FACE OMG”

    Nice running on the hills and great idea to take a picture of the same place each time to track weather



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